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Rental Application Information

Our goal is to expedite the application process as much as possible. The general process includes the following steps:

Application completed and submitted along with fee of $50, $52 if using PayPal. If using PayPal email payment to  Every adult who is living in the property must complete a separate application and pay an application fee – except a legally married couple may complete an application and pay one fee. All adults will be required to sign the lease.

Deposit to hold property equal to one month’s rent plus security deposit.

The application fees and security deposit must be made by money order or cashiers check – no personal checks, cash or credit card.

You must have a verifiable source of gross monthly income and provide pay stubs, provide copies of your driver’s license and a photo of any pets you will have in the home if they are allowed.

Normally an application process takes 24-48 hours to complete.

The data that we look at in assessing a tenant includes income, credit history and rental history. All information is then presented to the owner for final decision.

For Rental Application please contact us at the email address below.

Fax: (843) 449-6061
Email: MyrtleBeach



Additional Information

The move-in process is simplified if all of the initial steps are completed.  Keys are not released until the application has been approved and all required funds for deposits and rent have been received.

Owner only carries insurance to protect the real estate, not the contents. If a disaster occures, the tenant is responsible for costs associated with replacing items. Coastal Sands Realty recommend carrying Renter's Insurance at all times.


  1. How long does the application process take?
    Generally an application can be processed within 48 hours if all necessary data is obtained and we are able to verify it.
  2. Does my credit score affect my ability to obtain a lease?
    Yes. We obtain a score based on your credit history. This will be assessed along with other information you have provided through a company called Krall Factual Data. Please also note that your credit score is not your only determining factor. We also complete a background, eviction, and criminal check.
  3. How soon can I move in?
    Once all paperwork and deposit funds are received, the keys will be given to you and you can move in on the date established by the terms of the lease.
  4. Who do I make my rental payments to?
    Payments are made to Coastal Sands Realty Rent Trust and mailed or delivered to our office. 1113 48th Avenue North Suite 119, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
  5. How many keys will I get?
    Generally, one set of keys and one remote will be given per property unless more have been made available. Tenants may purchase additional keys if desired.
  6. Can I sublet the property?
    No, this is not allowed under the terms of the lease.
  7. Are appliances included?
    Most but not all properties include appliances. Check with the leasing agent for this information.