Coastal Sands Realty lists Myrtle Beach as one of the Ten Hottest Vacation Real Estate Markets

Posted By: Rose Foggotte In: Myrtle Beach Real Estate
Date: Wed, Jun 22nd 2011 10:47 am lists Myrtle Beach as one of the ten hottest vacation real estate markets.  Based on sales figures from assessment company Clear Capital, the website says Myrtle Beach is one of the best places to find a deal on a vacation home. used figures from Clear Capital to figure hot how much prices have fallen in popular vacation spots. 
In Myrtle Beach, prices have dropped 34.5% since the peak in 2006.  However, since 2009, prices have only dropped one percent, which shows prices have steadied.  That price drop, the stabilization, and the potential for prices to rise again were major factors that helped land Myrtle Beach on the list.
Source- WMBF News